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Customise Software Solutions

=>Our Services
•  CMS (Cells Management System)
•  SMS (School Management System)
•  IMS (Inventory Management System)
•  MMS (Merketing Management System)
•  ITS (Information Traking System)
•  AMS (Accounts Management System)
•  HMS (Hospital Management System)
•  HRMS (Humen Resource Management System Payroll)
•  Banking Software
•  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) etc

=>Website Design & Developments
•  Statics Website
•  Responsive Website
•  Dynamic Website
•  Professional Website etc

=>Domain & Hosting Registration
•  Domain Registration
•  Hosting
•  Linux Hosting etc

=>Customise Software Solutions
>>>Customise solutions & applications enable enterprises to derive competitive advantage, to address gaps in the functionality provided by commercial packaged applications, to address aspects of the business process that are unique to them and to address business processes for which no solutions are available in the market.
=>The Key Features of Our Approach Are
•  Pre-defined methodologies and frameworks
•  Structured and managed requirements definition process
•  Tools to improve the effectiveness of the development process
•  Process oriented development methodology
•  Strong focus on Quality
=>The Kaizen combination of the Global Delivery Model, extensive domain expertise & over multi thousand person years of experience of different technology domains is uniquely positioned to help you extract maximum value from your custom solutions. Kaizen’s services in the area of custom solution development will help you to
•  Outline the solution
•  Define the solution architecture
•  Develop prototypes for demos to users
•  Design the details of the solution
•  Build the solution
•  Validate the solution against requirements
•  Rollout the solution across your organization
•  Support the solution=>We bring to the table, people with the domain expertise to help you elicit and define the requirements for an appropriate and effective solution. Our teams have vast experience in technology and understand your domain and business constraints. We can define a scalable and high-performance architecture and develop the solution for you. We also provide the program and project management experience to manage the whole process for you, delivering a business solution on-time, on-quality and on-budget.
=>Our service practices
>>>Kaizen can assist you in any or all of the development lifecycle stages. Our technology offerings are organized into service practices. Click on the service practices below to know more about our offerings.
•  Custom Application Development and Maintenance
•  Architecture and technology consulting
•  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
•  Supply Chain Management (SCM)
•  Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
•  Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
•  Enterprise Document Management & Work Flow Integration
•  Enterprise Database Management Services
•  Systems Administration & Networking Services
•  Verification & Validation
•  SQA & Quality consulting
•  Product Design & Development
•  Engineering and Industrial Services
•  Technology Infrastructure Services etc