LDNIO SC3604 6 USB Ports And 3 Power Sockets Extension Multi-Charger

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ID No: HM2324-883
Price: 1050 BDT
Brand: LDNIO
Model: SC3604
Product Title: 6 USB Ports And 3 Power Sockets Extension Multi-Charger etc


LDNIO SC3604 6 USB Ports And 3 Power Sockets Extension Multi-Charger BD Price in Bangladesh

Main Features:

LDNIO SC3604 6 USB 3 Socket Power Strip
The LDNIO SC3604 6 USB 3 Socket Power Strip has a beautiful appearance and excellent workmanship. It is a multifunctional power strip for all types of digital gadgets and is equipped with 3 anti-static AC sockets and 6 clever USB charging ports, giving significant convenience. Design of total control switches One key can turn off the electricity, making it simple to use. With a single click, you may turn off the power when it is not in use, making it simple and handy. Press testing 5000 times Silver contact switches are more secure. PC and ABS top fireproofing, anaerobic flame retardant, comply with 750°C hot wire not burning, 100°C heat not deformation. Automatically compatible without adaption, and automatically allocated 0.1 to 2.4A, supply for optimal current. Support just one device 2.4A rapid charging, automated recognition, and intelligent charging current matching. The LDNIO SC3604 6 USB 3 Socket Power Strip has no warranty.

Technical Talk:-Specification
• Dimensions 162mm X 97mm X 38mm
• Cable Length 2m
• Jack Number 3
• Jack Specifications Generic Type
• USB Interface 6
• Rated Voltage 250v
• Rated Power 2500w
• USB Output Dc5v/3.4a (Auto Max) 17w
• Output Port 3 X Sockets Combo 6 X USB
• Product Size 162 X 97 X 38mm
• Power Cord 200cm
• Ports 6 USB Ports Can Intelligently Recognize Usb Peripherals Such As Mobile Phones, Tablets, Etc., And Automatically be allocating Current
• USB-C+USB-A Output :Total 20W (MAX)

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LDNIO SC3604 6 USB Ports And 3 Power Sockets Extension Multi-Charger BD Price in Bangladesh