Hundure RTA-600B

৳ 12,500

Quick Details
ID No: HM21718-1034
Price: 12500 BDT
Brand: Hundure
Model: RTA-600B
Product Title: BARCODETIME & ATTENDANCE SYSTEM, USER: 2048, LOG: 5000 RS485/422 etc


Hundure RTA-600B Time Attendance Bangladesh in Price

Hundure RTA 600 time attendance and access control device has dual function for time attendance and basic access control, programmable shift schedule, limitation of unsuccessful swiped card attempts, watchdog function, data collection software with DBF or TXT file export formats, invalid and re-swiped card off-the-record, 20 siren output, extra parallel printer port, LCD display, dynamic control of memory up to 2,048 cardholders/ 4,800 transaction data, standalone/ network communication via RS232/ RS422/ RS485/ TCP/ IP, On board lithium battery for max 60 days data storage.

*Dual function for Time Attendance and Basic Access Control.
*Dynamic control of memory up to 2,047 cardholders /5,000 transaction data.
*Standalone/Network communication via RS232/RS422/RS485, dial-up modem and TCP/IP. (External Converter required)
*LCD display of date, time, card number, shift schedule, Cardholder name.
*Programmable shift schedule.
*20 bell output enabled for shift change and disabled for holidays.
*External parallel printer port for real time data output and examination.
*Data collection software with DBF or TXT file export formats.
*Limitation of unsuccessful swiped card attempts.
*Memory full warning.
*Invalid and re-swiped card off-the-record saves memory capacity.
*Built in UPS for normal system operation during power outages.
*On board Lithium battery for max.60 days data storage during power outage.
*Watchdog function ensures system free from halting.