Apollo 3P10K 10000VA Long Online UPS

৳ 310,000

Quick Details
ID No: HM2223-1659
Price: 310000 BDT
Brand: Apollo
Model: 3P10K
Product Title: 10000VA Standard Backup System Long Online UPS, etc


Apollo 3P10K 10000VA Long Online UPS BD Price in Bangladesh

Apollo Online UPS provide no gap for even a nanosecond. It has true online dual conversion design and has generator compatible. Apollo 10000VA Phase give all types of Protections such as: over/low-voltage, overcurrent, overload. Intelligent battery management, extended battery life, intelligent self diagnose function and all kinds of fault protection benefit made this ups the best. Modularized design of subsystems bypass back feed protection, battery leakage protection, parallel redundancy design, increase the system reliability. Customizable wide input voltage range and Large size input LCD display on the front pane. The Apollo 3P10K 10000VA Online UPS Comes with 01 year Warranty.

Main Features
#Type_Online UPS
#Capacity_12Volt, 10000VA
#Warranty_ 1 Year

Technical Specification:
Input Voltage (V)-208Vac – 478Vac
Frequency (Hz – KHz)-40 – 70Hz (Input)
Transfer Rate-0ms
Battery.-2 pc with 12V & 38Ah (Battery Not Included)
Others Input: Power factor – >-0.99, Harmonic distortion (THD): 2% (100% Nonlinear load), Bypass voltage range: Max. Voltage: 220V +25% (optional +10%, +15%, +20%) 230V 20%. Generator input: Support. Output – Voltage regulation: + – 1%, Power factor: 0.8/0.9 (Customized), Crest factor: 3:01, Harmonic distortion (THDv): <-2% with linear load, <-5% with non linear load, Efficiency: 94.5%. Battery Type: 12V/38Ah (Standard unit), Transfer time: Utility to Batter : 0ms; Utility to bypass: 0ms. Overload – Line Mode: Load <-110%: last 60min, <-125%: last 1min, >-150% turn to bypass mode immediately. Bat. Mode: Load <-110%: last 10min, <-125%: last 1min, <-150%: last 5S, >-150% shut down UPS immediately. Short circuit: Hold Whole System, Overheat: Line Mode: Switch to Bypass; Backup Mode: Shut down UPS immediately, Low battery voltage: Alarm and Switch off, Self-diagnostics: Upon Power On and Software Control, Battery: Advanced Battery Management, Audible & Visual: Line Failure, Battery Low, Overload System Fault, Status LED & LCD display: Line Mode, Bypass Mode, Battery Low, Battery Bad, Overload & UPS Fault, Reading on the LCD display: Input Voltage, Input Frequency, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Load Percentage, Battery Voltage & Inner Temperature. Communication interface: RS232, RS485, Parallel, Intelligent slot, Relay card (optional), SNMP card (optional).
Dimensions-780 x 600 x 1200mm
Warranty-1 year
Made in/ Assemble-Taiwan
Country Of Origin-China

Where We Can Use:
#School and College and University etc
#Hospital System
#Bank System
#Industrial Park
#Community System
#Commercial Complex
#Chain Store
#Garments and Industries.
#Shop and Any Backup System Use
#Small and Big Office etc

Technical Talk:
#CPU Controlled
#Auto re-starts when AC recovers
#Silence Setup
#Automatic charging (offline charging)
#Battery low voltage protection
#Overload & Short circuit protection
#Wide Input Voltage Range
#Automatic Voltage regulation
#Apollo Offline IPS Auto System.
#Delivery Anytime for an Emergency Order.
#Home delivery Within Bangladesh.
#Call us for any Requirements and Quarries: +8801717668993, 01911076103