APC BV1000-IN 1000VA Offline UPS

৳ 10,500

Quick Details
ID No: HM2223-1653
Price: 10500 BDT
Brand: APC
Model: BV1000-IN
Product Title: 1000VA Standard Backup System Offline UPS, etc


APC BV1000-IN 1000VA Offline UPS BD Price in Bangladesh

APC Offline UPS Automatically Steps Up Low Voltage And Steps Down High Voltage To Levels That Are Suitable For Your Equipment. High-Quality Cable With IEC Plug To Connect To A 230V UPS. Provide Easy-To-Read Status Of The Unit And Utility Power Conditions. Maximizes Battery Performance, Life, And Reliability Through Intelligent, Precision Charging. Provides Early-Warning Fault Analysis On Batteries Enabling Timely Preventive Maintenance. Periodic Battery Self-Test Ensures Early Detection Of A Battery That Needs To Be Replaced. Quickly Understand Unit And Power Status With Visual Indicators. Reserves Power Capacity And Run Time For Connected Equipment That Require UPS Battery Back-Up While Providing Surge Only Protection For Less Critical Equipment. Back Up And Protect Your Hardware And Data During Power Outages, Surges And Spikes .Protect Secondary Electronics From Surges And Spikes Without Reducing Battery Power Used To Run Primary Electronics During An Outage. Ensures The Product Has Been Tested And Approved To Work Safely With The Connected Service Provider Equipment And Within The Specified Environment. The Apollo BV1000-IN 1000VA Offline UPS Comes with 01 year Warranty.

Main Features:
#Model_ BV1000-IN
#Type_Offline UPS
#Capacity_12Volt, 1000VA
#Backup or Run Time
#Warranty_1 Year

Where We Can Use:
#School and College and University etc
#Hospital System
#Bank System
#Industrial Park
#Community System
#Commercial Complex
#Chain Store
#Garments and Industries.
#Shop and Any Backup System Use
#Small and Big Office etc

Technical Talk:
#CPU Controlled
#Auto re-starts when AC recovers
#Silence Setup
#Automatic charging (offline charging)
#Battery low voltage protection
#Overload & Short circuit protection
#Wide Input Voltage Range
#Automatic Voltage regulation
#Apollo Offline IPS Auto System.
#Delivery Anytime for an Emergency Order.
#Home delivery Within Bangladesh.
#Call us for any Requirements and Quarries: +8801717668993, 01911076103

Technical Specification:
APC Easy 1000VA Offline UPS Overview
Output Max Configurable Power (Watts):600 Watts / 1.0kVA
Output Frequency (Sync To Mains):50/60 Hz +/- 1 Hz Unsynchronized
Other Output Voltages:230 V
Topology: Line Interactive
Waveform Type: Stepped Approximation To A Sine wave
Transfer Time:4 MS Typical : 8 MS Maximum
Input Input Frequency:40 – 70 Hz +/- 5 Hz Auto-Sensing
Input Voltage Range For Main Operations:140 – 300V
Number Of Power Cords:1
Batteries & Runtime Battery Type: Lead-Acid Battery
Typical Recharge Time:6hour(S)
Nominal Battery Voltage:24 V
Battery Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity:84
Communications & Management Control Panel: LED Status Display With On Line : On Battery
Audible Alarm: Alarm When On Battery : Distinctive Low Battery Alarm
Surge Energy Rating 160Joules
Physical Maximum Height:182MM, 18.2CM
Maximum Width:130MM, 13.0CM
Maximum Depth:320MM, 32.0CM
Net Weight:7.8KG
Shipping Weight:8.5KG
Shipping Height:275MM, 27.5CM
Shipping Width:192MM, 19.2CM
Shipping Depth:390MM, 39.0CM
Color: Black
Environmental Operating Temperature:0 – 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity:0 – 95 (Non-Condensing) %
Operating Elevation:0 – 3000meters
Storage Temperature:-20 – 50 °C
Storage Relative Humidity:0 – 95 (Non-Condensing) %
Storage Elevation:0 – 15000meters
Audible Noise At 1 Meter From Surface Of Unit:40.0dBA
Protection Class:IP20
Warranty 1 Year