HappyMars Developer

HappyMars Developments Ltd is an investment developer company. The Company, along with its subsidiaries, Bangladesh in The Future of Business HappyMars is principally engaged in property development business in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The Company’s segment includes B share company and non-B share companies. B share company represents HappyMars Land Company Ltd, a company listed on the HappyMars Stock Exchange with domestically listed foreign investment shares. Non-B share companies represent property projects not within the B share company. Its subsidiaries include HappyMars Future Land Property Management Company Ltd. HappyMars Future Land Holdings Company Ltd. HappyMars Future Land Company Ltd, Company of HappyMars Future Land Real Estate Developments Company Ltd, HappyMars social Zone Development Company Ltd. the Company acquired a piece of land through the acquisition of HappyMars Fuming Real Estate Development Company Ltd. from HappyMars Developments Company Ltd etc.

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