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=>Our Services
•  Business Cards
•  Letterhead Pad
•  Notebook, Notepad
•  Profile, Poster, Leaflet
•  Shopping Bag
•  Swatch Card, Wedding Cards
•  Office File
•  Flyer, Brochure
•  Marketing Materials
•  Scratch Cards
•  Business Stationery
•  Catalog, List
•  Sticker
•  Ticket
•  Banner, Festoon
•  Calendar, Greetings Card
•  Year Planner
•  Diary, Directory, Index
•  Box, Packet, Jewelry Box
•  Certificate, Show Card
•  Garments Accessories etc

>>>Offer your clients the best finished prints in the industry. Using cutting-edge equipment, we print on the world’s finest photographic paper, and offer an array of beautiful surface modifications and mounting options. Plus, our team of experienced color technicians provide superb color management so that each and every print looks picture perfect.
=>Sizes: Thirty standard print sizes up to 30×40 in size; customise sizes also available
=>Paper Types:Basundhara, Pepar-1, Glossy, Art-Cut, Color or True Black & White photographic paper etc
=>Color Correction: Choose either color correction (our team individually color corrects your images) or to have files printed without additional color/density adjustments by the lab (you handle your own color management)
=>Stamping and Logos: Add foil stamping and studio logos to your print orders customise sizes also available
=>Surface Modifications: Lustre Coating, Pebble Texture, Finelinen Texture, Florentine Texture, Linen Texture, Palette Texture, Brush Texture, Matte Lamination, or Gloss Lamination etc
=>Mounting: Matboard, Foam Board, Masonite, Styrene, or Stretcher Frame (canvas services only) customise sizes also available
=>Canvas Services: Bond prints to 7 oz. or 10 oz. canvas material customise sizes also available
=>Packaging: Boutique Packaging available customise sizes also available
=>Turnaround:1-2 days; free overnight shipping for prints sized at 24×30 and smaller customise sizes also available
=>Business Cards: Visiting Card, Premium business card, Name card, ID Card, Folded business card, Spot gloss business card, Metallic Finish Card, Personal Business Card, Networking Card, Appointment Card, Bonus Card, Thank you Card, Business Card Holder, Business card Box, Permit Card, Loyalty Card, Tent Card, Compliment Card, Mummy Card, Bonus Card.
=>Letterhead Pad : Memo Pad, Letter Head Pad, Envelop, Small Envelope, Large Envelope
=>Notebook, Notepad : Desk Pad, Note Book, Slip Pad, Writing Pad, Compliment Slip
=>Profile : Commercial Profile, Company Profile, Corporate Profile, Business Profile, Service Profile, Project Profile, Promotion Profile, Product Profile, Program Profile, Advertising Profile, Campaign Profile, Marketing Profile, Production Profile, Training Profile, Preparation Profile, Teaching Profile, Education Profile, Instruction Profile, Working Profile.
=>Shopping Bag: Bags, Retailer Bag, Seller Bag, Fabric Bag, Nonw-Oven Bags, Cloth Bag, Nonwoven fabric Bag, Wholesaler Bag, Supplier Bag, Merchant Bag, Hawker Bag, Buyer Bag, Vendor Bag, Goodie Bag, Gift Bag, Paper Bag.
=>Swatch Card : Sample Card, Swatch Book, Sample Book, Insert, Rear Tray Inlay, Folder Inserts, Inlay, Case Insert.
=>Office File : File, Folder, Box File, Presentation Folder, Portfolio, Annual Report, Screen Print, Bookmarks.
=>Flyer, Brochure : Thick Flyer, Folded Flyer, Unbound sheets, Handout, Handbill, Prospectus, Rack Cards, Business Form, Forms, Report, Note, Guide, tri-fold, Mailings, Menu, Restaurant Menu, Folded restaurant Menu, Takeaway Menu, Training Manual.
=>Marketing Materials : Marketing Literature, Sales Sheet, Ad Material, Sales Literature, Price list, Promotional Handout, Corporate Literature, Financial Report, Proposal.
=>Scratch Cards : Calling Card, Scratch Sticker.
=>Business Stationery : Office Stationery, Cash Memo, Letterhead Pad, Money Receipt, Challan book, Bill book, Invoice, Invoice book, NCR Forms, NCR, CCP Form, Voucher, Voucher Card, Voucher Book, Voucher Sheet, Sticky Note.
=>Catalog, List : Commercial Catalog, Product Catalog, Service Catalog, Project Catalog, Corporate Catalog, Company Catalog, Business Catalog, Program Catalog, Promotion Catalog, Campaign Catalog, Marketing Catalog, Production Catalog, Training Catalog, Preparation Catalog, Teaching Catalog, Education Catalog, Instruction Catalog, Working Catalog.
=>Sticker : Window Sticker, Barcode Sticker, Address Label, Return Address Label, Mailing Label, Bumper Sticker.
=>Ticket : Event ticket, Coupon, Concert Ticket, Fair Ticket.
=>Banner, Festoon : PVC Banner, Fabric Festoon, Solvent Print Festoon, Inkjet print Banner, Eco Solvent Banner, Back Screen, Product Banner.
=>Calendar : Timetable, Solar Calendar, Lunar Calendar, Premium Calendar, Wall Calendar, Slim line Calendar, Traditional Calendar, Junior Calendar, Children Calendar, Pocket Calendar, Hole punched calendar, Desk Calendar, Desktop Calendar, Desktop tent calendar, Desktop Flip Calendar, Wire bound Calendar, Case Calendar, Gift Calendar, Corporate Calendar, Academic Calendar, Teaching Calendar, Education Calendar, School Calendar, College Calendar, University Calendar, Training Calendar, Coaching Calendar, Bangla Calendar, Bangladesh Calendar, BD Calendar, Bengali Calendar.
=>Year Planner : Planner, Desk Planners, Datebook, Time Calendar, Year Calendar, Season Calendar.
=>Diary : Deluxe Diary, Desk Diary, Pocket Diary, Personalized Diary, Office Diary, Eco Diary, Academic Diary, School Diary, College Diary, University Diary, Hotel Diary, Address Book, Date Book.
=>CD DVD : CD DVD Label Print, CD DVD Jackets, CD DVD Cover, CD DVD Sleeve, DVD Case Booklet, DVD Case Insert.
=>Certificate : Educational Certificate, Academic Certificate, School Certificate, Training Certificate, Teaching Certificate, Coaching Certificate, Trophy Certificate, Award Certificate, Gift Certificate, Prize Certificate.
=>Box, Packet : Pharmaceutical Box, Paper Box, Medicine Box, Takeaway Box, Aluminum Container, Alu Foil Container, Alu Foil Box, Gift Box, Lunch Box, Food Box, Bakery Box, Pizza Box, Food Container.
=>Poster, Leaflet : Large format Poster, Small Poster, Ad Poster, Fluor Poster, A3 Posters, Fly Poster, Outdoor Poster, Folded Leaflet, High quality Poster.
=>Leaflet : Pamphlet, Loose Leaf, Cupid, Cling, Magnet, Indoor Magnet, Media Kit, Press Kit, Corporate Media, Canvas Print, Photo canvas print.
=>Garments Accessories : Tags, Hang Tag, Price Tag, Barcode, Photo Card, Photo sticker, Labels, Size Sticker, Back Board, Neck Board, Care Label, Size Label, Wash Label, Woven Label, Sleeve.
=>Greetings Card : Gift card, Eid Card, Compliments Card, Christmas Card, Invitations, Invitation Card, Post card, Club card, Party Invitation.
=>Wedding Cards : Wedding Invitation, Business Invitation, Postcard, Birthday Invitation, Religious Announcement, Birth Announcement, Business Invitation, Moving Announcement, Graduation Invitation, Corporate Gift.
=>Show Card : Display Card, Exhibition Card, Trade Show Card, Directories, Event Card, Badge, Placemat, Holder.
=>Jewelry Box : Case Box, Jewel Case, Ornament Pack, Jewel Case Booklet, Jewel Case Insert.
=>Directory, Index : Organization Directory, Business Directory, Company Directory, Corporate Directory, NGO Directory, Telephone Directory, Education Directory.