HRMS (Humen Resource Management System Payroll)

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HRMS (Humen Resource Management System Payroll) Software Price in BD


Uparjon HRM & Payroll (Paperless HRM System)

Why Need?

  • Spend less time on payroll.
  • Prevent buddy punching and other time theft.
  • Prevent human error in bookkeeping.
  • Keep employees informed
  • Spend less time and resources on paperwork.
  • Stay on the right side of the law.
  • Utilize a system that can grow with your business.
  • Create a central database that can be accessed throughout the company.

Why Uparjon??

  • Uparjon HRM & Payroll is Dynamic software but easy to use.
  • Faster Data processing, Data loading, Data Transfer & Report.
  • Uparjon use .NET platform and most powerful database Oracle11g that give more security your data.
  • Multi user bass Ultra Modern user interface (Optional Web base).
  • Uparjon cover any local & international labor law.
  • Uparjon report English & bangle
  • Uparjon Standers for local law.
  • Uparjon give full Customize for your better Experience.
  • 24/7 support system.

to be continue….

 Uparjon- Overview

 Uparjon User Interface (GUI)

How To Work

Employee Information are main From in Uparjon HRM. Input data are required & additional information need HR related Report.

If All Information are input correctly than Uparjon give more report  for HR like Appointment Report, Application Report, Interview Report, Medical Report, ID Card, Leave From and Many more Report bangle & English Both.

The Uparjon work at multi shift management that very important in Knitting & Dyeing Factory.  automatically rotate Day night Shift. No Need more Hassle!!!!

Simple One Click Output Data in Excel Format

Uparjon have more facility any data search or filter

Leave System: Uparjon leave system easy to use and manage leave ,  Leave balance, leave log & Leave Register .

Just click and Uparjon give long absent report (continuous) and issue there 3 deferent latter as per company policy & labour law(compliance) defferent time.

Monthly salary took a look with out print if need to edit then simple click!!

Termination/Resign System with cause


Uparjon give your customize report for your company & basses on your company policy.

Some standers report build in Uparjon for Demo.

Hear is some report list:

For Attendance, Payroll & Salary :

  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Daily Attendance Summary.
  • Daily Overtime sheet.
  • Monthly Overtime sheet.
  • Increments or Promotion Import Excel Sheet
  • Monthly Salary sheet.
  • Monthly OT sheet.
  • job card real
  • Job card (buyer)
  • Salary Summary sheet.
  • Monthly Increment Summary sheet.
  • Daily Overtime sheet
  • Monthly Employee Job Card.
  • Leave Summary
  • Leave Register

And many more……

For Admin, HR & Compliance:

  • Appointment latter
  • Job Application
  • Proposed Increment
  • New Join
  • New join with picture
  • Resign Employee
  • Resign Employee with picture
  • Group Insurance list
  • All Employee
  • All Employee with picture
  • Interview form
  • Personal Data
  • Job verification
  • Leave form
  • Skill for wages
  • Misconduct latter
  • Manpower Requisition
  • Resign form
  • Continuous Absent list(long Absent)
  • 10Days Latter
  • 20 days latter
  • 27 days latter

And many more……

Pricing ??

Uparjon wont to all type organization use automation Attendance system

So Uparjon give reasonable price!!!

Please Call & Order For Demo…..

Thanks from Uparjon Team